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This 5-story 145 room hotel is part of an overall mixed use development including retail, condos, entertainment and office. The entire development sits upon a 3-story underground public garage. This hotel is an integral piece of the development that seeks to achieve a true work-live-play environment. Amenities include a full service kitchen and restaurant, bar area, indoor pool, fitness area, and conference center. The restaurant and conference components are intended to be used by not only hotel guests but those who regularly inhabit the development area.

The hotel aesthetic takes the traditional materials of the surrounding residential area and integrates them into contemporary forms that will more closely match that of the new development. The sweeping curved form compliments the dynamics of the highway, which runs parallel to the western fašade. PDT's involvement includes schematic design through construction administration. PDT also coordinates the unique exterior design and expanded amenities with Marriott International, Inc.