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The Joseph Porsche of Kings Automall showroom promotes a distinct and prominent architectural style. Originally a Lexus showroom, the building shell underwent a complete exterior and interior renovation. The new clean, and modern structure is a simple design that communicates the prestigious Porsche message to its customers. The exterior provides a dramatic visual through the use of curved metal fascia panels contrasting against the glass keyhole. The Porsche brand philosophy can be seen in the simplicity and lives true to their design statement of Less is Definitely More.

From the client approach at the reception, to the sales and customer service areas, the interior design provides a seamless customer experience. Designed to excite the customer and compel purchases, the interiors also reflect Porsche brand values. The reception provides the initial point of contact for the Porsche customer entering the facility. At the heart of the facility is the Showroom, designed with similar themes of performance and design as the vehicles on display. The Smart Center of Cincinnati is located directly adjacent to the Porsche showroom, sharing service facilities. The black entry portal provides a backdrop for signage as expansive storefront windows provide views into the showroom.