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Incline Apartments and Restaurant is a mixed used development. One of the first for many years for the newly re-designated “Incline District” It consists of fifteen market rate condominiums of approximately 1,000 sf each and a 5,000 SF restaurant now named the “Incline House” and operated by the owners of Jefferson Hall at Newport on the Levee.

This development has spectacular views of downtown Cincinnati - a condition highlighted through our design and organization of the property. The focus of the design was to design a building which fit within the unique context of the immediate neighborhood. In doing so, our design team worked with a highly vocal neighborhood board in order to ensure full community support. The end design ensured maximal views and vista opportunities, provided desirable condominium space plans and hosted high end residential features. Because of its prominent site lines, the design team focused on designing an elegant building worthy of its prominent hillside ridge site, visible to millions of drivers above a major thorough-fare.