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Elder wanted to provide its students with competitive technological resources, while also enabling students from its feeder grade schools to use those resources prior to entering high school.The Schaeper Center project transformed an old grocery store into a technology hub to be used by general public as well as by the school community.

The existing retail structure had to be upgraded to institution quality to increase the building's longevity. This proved to be difficult, as the project's budget had already been fixed prior to determining this necessity. The exterior of the original structure was re-skinned so the new facility more readily matched the facade of the historic main building, and more easily integrated into the Elder campus as a whole.

Highlights of the project include:

-4000-square foot Media Center with attached computer lab
-Multi-purpose room that can also serve as a chapel
-Five additional computer classrooms
-Music Room with rehearsal space for the band and chorus, offices for music personnel, and instrument storage

The music room provided another challenge, as it required live acoustics, without sacrificing an environment conducive to study that the nearby Media Center needs.