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Boai Rehabilitation Hospital and Affiliated Assisted Living Housing is a prototype for a new mode of rehabilitative treatment and housing for China’s growing population of aging adults. It combines on a single site: outpatient services, a rehabilitative hospital, skilled care and assisted living apartments. Due to the density of the buildings on the site, the design was subdivided into individual programmatic zones, each reflective of the various stages of healing. The comprehensive design concept is to differentiate program elements by geometry and massing while locking them to together with the landscaping and building materials.

The interlocking forms flowing around and into each other create a dynamic interplay of materials and fenestration treatments. From the hospital, to the step-down units, to the multi-levels of the senior rehabilitation center and the outpatient services, each structure is individually recognizable and distinguishable, yet inter-connected.

The site was bisected with curvilinear forms to the west and rectilinear forms to the east to mark the transition from intensive care and public zones to private assisted living and apartment zones. Just as life itself in which different experiences and relationships are connected by the path that is traveled, the site has a strong axial path down to the river. The patient and visitor are drawn through a progression of landscapes and ponds to the river; reflecting the course of the healing treatment and recovery process.

Project proposed by SFA Architects, parent company of PDT.