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PDT's parent company SFA Architects provided architectural programming and design services for theLeadership Learning Academy of Polk County Florida. The design is a simplerestatement of classical forms and floor plans, and uses modern masonry construction and detailing techniques to embody a spirit of learning which has been the basis of rational intellectual inquiry and teaching since the academy of ancient Greece. It is a design for the new spirit of academy in the orange groves of Florida.

The building is sited facing south in a gentle arc which follows the track of the sun. A massive wall forms a barrier to the heat of the sun while providing framed views of the orange groves beyond. An outdoor pavilion in the spirit of Plato's Academy forms one anchor of the arc, while the interactive, introspective "black-box" room forms the other. Meeting rooms and learning centers fan out along the north face of the arc providing sheltered spaces with even northern light.